Thursday, November 20, 2008

Week 12

Three weeks till the playoffs and nobody has clinched yet! Fantasy has been fun this year with Tessa being really competitive and Clark dominating in his first year. If the division leaders keep winning it looks like the fight for the only wild card spot is going to be between George, Tessa, Todd, and Bobby.

Jesters (Hunter) 9-2-0
SaltLak (George) 8-3-0
Pickles (Tessa) 5-6-0
Broncos (Bob) 4-7-0

diamond (Gary) 7-4-0
Pittsbu (Todd) 7-4-0
mooners (Darcie) 4-7-0
Stardus (Kristen) 3-8-0

oldbron (Clark) 8-3-0
RebelCh (Bobby) 5-6-0
Pats (Pat) 3-8-0
gloworm (Chris) 3-8-0


Blogger Krazy Kellys said...

it's not Clarke, it's Clark. :)

<3 you

10:07 AM  

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