Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Finished up

Rock Solid Selling Techniques
It was a two day training seminar put on by Doug Christiansen himself. Dude used to be a trainer for Joe Verde. Who's that? Some bum who decided he could make more money teaching other people to sell cars than in selling them himself. He's right.

Roush 427

Oh yes. The 427 horsepower Supercharged Roush Mustang.
  • 391 ft. lbs. torque
  • 25 inches of boost
  • $46k

It arrived at 8am. A walk-in wrote a check for it at 6pm.

Want a Helmet with that?

Jazz Tix Again!!!

This time it was the LA Clippers that fell to the Jazz. Even to the mid 3rd qtr. the the Jazz pulled away. Derek Fisher is having a huge impact this season; the Jazz are 10-1. Best record in the NBA.

36 Freaking Years Old!

Tessa baked me a cake, bless her!!

It was a terrific birthday. Tess got me a bunch of shirts and ties, it was Sunday so you know what that means!!! 9 HOURS OF FOOTBALL!!! Tess made a pot roast and Apryl and Ilan came over. Good times:)

Change of Scene

They changed the vehicle in front of my desk today. Mustang GT Boss!! Sweeet!

Speeding Ticket, :(

I was pulled over by a sneaky patrolman today. I was testing out the '07 F350 Turbo Powerstroke! 42 MPH in a 25....Result: Traffic School.

Lookit these FOOTBALL Couches!!!

Perfect for Sunday's 9 hours of football!!!

Tessa Came Home!!

And I got my first "spiff" from the dealer... Oh yea, the guy that owns my dealership, Larry Miller, also owns the Utah Jazz! Free Tickets!!! This night we beat the Detroit Pistons!

FORD Training

Awesome! They gave away $100 bills for being the first to answer product questions!!!

I won a hundred with the keypad, the Q: How many possible colors with the "My Color" dash option on the '07 Mustang....A: 125!
Pic Date: 10/27

First Day on the Floor

My first day on the floor at Larry H. Miller FORD....See an F150 King Ranch, translation= a $42K dollar truck! I sold a Ranger.

The Condo

Moved in Sept. 1st before Tessa came back from Washington! She'd never allow us to get such an expensive condo; whoops.

Of course, the fish came with me.
Pic Date: 10/12

Ahhh, Tessa bought me a new Camera Phone

So she could see what I was doing from Washington. I just discovered that the Phone has saved every picture I took since I picked it up! Nice, a months worth of blogging all entered today! Pic Date: 10/16

'03 Spydee

Yea! Traded in the 'ol Coug and bought this! It was promptly stolen but I got it back. I think I overpaid too.