Sunday, July 20, 2008

Healing Up, learning to smile

Here's Sunday after work, yay! Big Smile.

Here is me Saturday night.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Goory detailes

Let me run it down to you, first here we have the nasty teeth; gotta go. Okay, ouch. It's done though, they're gone the operation is over

Here we are, morning day two feeling good baby, looking good too!

Yeah, this is awesome, that wasn't painful at all! What? My face is starting to swell? Bullshit, I'm ready for a beer!

I did have a beer. Then I went to bed. Day three, I awoke like this...OH NO, my face is swelling!

And swelling...

Okay, here we are Monday morning and we're pissed. We're going back to have a word with the dentist, because we're a little swollen. When we get to the dentist he basically shits his pants. He sits me in the chair and with very little local anesthetic slices my gum open and proceeds to squeeze as hard as he can. I felt like I was going to die.

The next morning, Tuesday morning, the swelling has worsened so we go to the emergency room. They prescribe these:

And this, which my wife keeps in the fridge. With the cheese and tortillas. They're little IV pumps of clindamycin.

After we get fitted with an IV my wife can administer I spend the rest of Tuesday in this position. On the floor, covered in blankets (see my little IV poking out).

Wednesday morning I awoke with such joy in my heart and spring in my step! Well... until i looked in the mirror.

Wednesday, Tessa called me. She had returned to work. While she was at work the dentist had called her and he had done some thinking or googled infected tooth extraction anyway he decided that I had to go see an oral surgeon today. So, believe it or not I shaved, and got ready to go see the oral surgeon.

As soon as I came out of anesthesia I knew we had made some progress.

By Thursday morning the swelling was subsiding. I could get down some applesauce and because of that I was better able to handle the antibiotics.

Friday Morning. Feeling much better. Dentist appointment this morning and hopefully I'll be back to work on Sunday. Hard to believe that on Saturday night I thought there was nothing to this, I was terribly wrong. Thank God for my beautiful wife, Tessa. She was my guardian angel through all of it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008



Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Next Morning

I'm still doing well. I can't wait to take the denture out and rinse my mouth out but I have to wait another day or two for that. Well, it's done. We are both really happy with the new teeth and the dentist was top notch. My cheeks are a little too swollen to smile all the way. I'll post again next week when the swelling is gone.

Six Hours After Surgery

Tessa is pissed. She said when she had her wisdom teeth pulled she was in pain for a week. I have had nearly all of my teeth pulled just six hours ago and honestly the only discomfort I fell is my mouth feels full from having this big 'ol denture in it.

One Hour After the Surgery

They pulled all of the top teeth, all four wisdom teeth, the four front teeth and the rear molars. I have 8 real teeth left on the bottom jaw. I know this picture looks like I am in pain but I'm not; just in shock.

My old NASTY Teeth

Here is a picture of my old nasty teeth, boy, they were really nasty! They smelt horrible (my wife is an Angel for marrying me with such nasty teeth) and they hurt, OMG they hurt and bleed all the time. I would have to hide at work to eat my lunch because my teeth would leave sopping bloody teeth marks on the sandwich.Gross!