Saturday, May 26, 2007


Tessa made a gingerbread house. We never did eat it. I went to Fanzz at the Gateway to get her present, a Memet Okur jersey! And we checked out the lights at temple square...It was freezing!

Holiday Season

Full of parties, food and fun. Tessa and I both love this season. Here is "Fred." Our chef at Drew's birthday dinner. Drew is Tessa's brother. He's in the back of the shot with the chopsticks flanked by Mom and Dad.

The view from the Larry H Miller Christmas Party was awesome!

Tessa was being seductive...

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Day After Thanksgiving

It snowed!

And snowed...

I had to work, of course, biggest shopping day of the year; they said... We spent the day pulling snow off of cars.

Meanwhile, Tessa decorated the tree!


We had Ilan and Apryl over.

Of course we watched football, i think! It was six months ago!

Tessa and Apryl cooked a bomb ass meal...that I remember. Here's proof;

Oops! Been awhile since the last post.

And I've been busy!

Thanksgiving! Christmas! Bobby's Wedding!

Let's see what's been happining...